Best Matte Eyeliner Looks For Beginners

Best Matte Eyeliner Looks For Beginners

Are you ready to take your makeup game to the next level? Eyeliner is one of the most versatile and impactful tools in a beauty toolkit--but even if it can be intimidating at first, it’s not as difficult as you might think! From classic looks that are appropriate for work and everyday life, to fun trends for special occasions, there’s an eyeliner look out there for everyone.

 In this blog post, we'll explore how professionals and beginners alike can enjoy perfecting their cat eye or smoky eye with just a few simple steps. So get ready--your best  new look awaits you!It doesn't have to be complicated either—from liner pencils and gels to liquid eyeliner and stamp eyeliners, it's all about finding the right style for you that brings out your best features. 

Classic Cat Eye - a timeless look that instantly adds drama to your eyes

black eyeliner classic cat eye look

A classic cat eye look has been gracing us with its presence from the early days of film stars, and is still as relevant and glamorous today as it ever was. Drawing attention to your eyes and adding some sultry drama to your look, it's the perfect finishing touch for evening glamour. So why not give it a try with 24H Invincible Matte Eyeliner Aesthetic Brown 04 and channel your inner diva? 


Winged Eyeliner - perfect for anyone who wants to create a dramatic eye look with minimal effort

Winged eyeliner image

Winged Eyeliner is the perfect choice for anyone who loves to make a statement with their eye makeup. With just a few strokes of 24H Invincible Matte Eyeliner Supreme Black 01 you can create an impressive look that will have all eyes on you. Whether you are going for something subtle and natural or bold and daring, Winged Eyeliner has got you covered!


Smokey Eye - the perfect blend of soft and bold, this look will make your eyes pop

smokey eyes eyeliner look

The smokey eye look - when done right, it can turn heads. Think of a sultry bedroom gaze that has been taken up a notch and you've got the perfect mix of softness and boldness. With just the right combination of light and dark shades, your eyes will be poppin like never before.


Dramatic Wings - take your classic cat-eye look up a notch with longer, more exaggerated wings

dramatic blue eyeliner image

With long, exaggerated wings, with 24H Invincible Matte Eyeliner Brilliant Blue 02, this unique cat-eye style is sure to turn heads and make a statement. Whether you're looking for an edgy night-out look or something more subtle for daytime wear, Dramatic Wings with blue liner has the perfect pair of eyeliner wings for you! So go ahead, be bold and add a little drama to your day – with Dramatic Wings. 


Graphic Lines - create unique shapes on your eyes to add depth and interest to any eye makeup look

graphic lines eyeliner of different colours

Graphic lines are the perfect way to shake up your look and make a statement. Whether you’re into bold, dramatic designs or subtle, sophisticated shapes, these daring eyeliner styles can easily turn any ordinary makeup look into something extraordinary. Try Rebellion 24H Invincible Matte Eyeliner Mastro Green 03.


As you have seen throughout this blog post, there are many amazing and stunning matte eyeliner looks out there that can be perfect for professionals and beginners alike. Whether you’re looking for something daring and eye-catching or subtle and natural, with some creative thought and experimenting, you can surely find the look that works best for your eyes! Take your time to find a look that is unique to you, as when you feel confident in what you're wearing it shows - after all, beauty isn't just about the way we look but the way we feel too. So take risks by daring to try out different makeup looks – just remember to always remove your makeup before bed so that your skin isn't affected!

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